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Welcome to University of Mediterranean Karpasia - North Cyprus

Scholarships: No Full Scholarships. There are only partial scholarships to apply after submitting your application.

Why students choose the University of Mediteranean Karpasia ?

1. Easy visa access.

2. The price for education is much lower than in UK, USA, Australia and Canada.

3. The University of Mediterranean Karpasia belongs to a big international business group which operates several hotels, casino and other business in North Cyprus. So, those students who study Tourism are able to have practice in hotel industry on the Island and students who are studying Civil Aviation Management are having practice in Ercan Airport (Nicosia).

4. University of Mediterranean Karpasia is enough new but fastly growing educational establishment. We are a special University. We don't provide huge number of faculties but we are giving very high quality education in Offered fields.